Packing for a 2 month Trip

Summer 2013 Europe Backpacking Trip

What I Packed:
1 brita filter water bottle
cosmetics & toiletries (which took half of the space in my bag!)
clothes> five shirts, two dresses, two shorts, one pair of jeans, 3 socks, 10 panties, 3 bras, one pj shorts and shirt.
3 shoes flats, tennis shoes and heels
my travel journal
1 small travel daypack
money belt (something you can wear under your shirt!)
kindle or books (to read on trains,planes, etc)

*Tips for packing
-use ziplock bags to seal clothes, so they are airtight
-share cosmetics such as body wash and scrubs with friends (share the weight with travel buddies)
-make sure print two copies of you passport
-make a budget sheet
-bring a journal to write about your experiences nothing better than reflecting/capturing your trip on paper! (you can do this electronically as well)
-if you pack too much maybe you can donate stuff to the local orphanage or some thrift store!


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