Europe Backpacking Itinerary

Europe Backpacking Summer 2013 Itinerary

East Coast
June 25 Flight from Seattle, WA to Boston, MA
June 25-28 Boston,MA
June 28-30 New York City,NY
July 1-4 Boston,MA

July 5-8 Amsterdam, Netherlands
*Met with friend Marcel at Leiseplein, Amsterdam
*Sensation White July 6th

July 8-11 Barcelona, Spain
July 11-14 Ibiza, Spain
July 14-18 Madrid, Spain
July 18-19 Barcelona, Spain

July 18-22 London, UK
*Electric Daisy Carnival

July 23-26 Paris, France
July 26-28 South of France

July 28-31 Frankfurt, Germany

July 31- August 1 Zurich, Switzerland
August 1-2 Geneva, Switzerland

August 3-5 Florence, Italy
August 5-9 Rome, Italy
August 9-11 Naples, Italy
August 11-12 Rome to Bari, Greece

August 13-14 Bari to Patras, Greece
August 15-18 Santorini Islands, Greece
August 18-20 Athens, Greece

August 21-Athens, Greece to Seoul, Korea


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