Packing for a 2 month Trip

Summer 2013 Europe Backpacking Trip What I Packed: 1 brita filter water bottle cosmetics & toiletries (which took half of the space in my bag!) clothes> five shirts, two dresses, two shorts, one pair of jeans, 3 socks, 10 panties, 3 bras, one pj shorts and shirt. 3 shoes flats, tennis shoes and heels my … Continue reading

Europe Backpacking Itinerary

Europe Backpacking Summer 2013 Itinerary East Coast June 25 Flight from Seattle, WA to Boston, MA June 25-28 Boston,MA June 28-30 New York City,NY July 1-4 Boston,MA Europe July 5-8 Amsterdam, Netherlands *Met with friend Marcel at Leiseplein, Amsterdam *Sensation White July 6th July 8-11 Barcelona, Spain July 11-14 Ibiza, Spain July 14-18 Madrid, Spain … Continue reading